What Underwear Can Teach Us About Integrating Social Media Into Marketing Campaigns

It’s been a while since my last post, mostly because I’ve wrapped up my social media marketing classes and have now ventured into the world of corporate communication. For this class I’ve been working on a case study for Hanesbrands Inc., and in doing so stumbled upon a great example of an integrated social media marketing campaign. Hanesbrands 2013 Dare to Share campaign. Check out this video case study from 360i to learn more:

In 2012, Hanesbrands released colorful, flirty styles aimed at younger consumers. However, the brand was having a difficult time selling the newly redesigned underwear to a younger audience who perceived Hanes products as being for older women. In 2014, under the direction of the Starcom MediaVest Group, Hanes brands launched the Dare to Share: Reveal Your Undercover Color campaign. The integrated campaign asked women to broadcast the color of their underwear via social media using the hashtag, #undercovercolor. The poll responses were streamed on a Times Square billboard, and the data collected from the poll was featured in colorful infographics on the undercovercolor.com website. In addition, fashion bloggers were asked to incorporate the Hanes product into their own style and online display ads ran on sites with relative content. (Source: Mediapost.com)

The target market for the campaign was millennial women in the United States, an audience the brand had been unable to capture with its redesigned product alone. The integrated campaign was successful in targeting this demographic because of the media channels selected. Twitter is a social media tool primarily accessed by millennials (those in the age range of 18-34). Fashion blogs, online video, and display ads on fashion sites also met millennial women where they already were, online. The campaign was also successful in part to the interactive engagement of the campaign.

The campaign was remarkably successful. Total brand communication awareness for online had a 15.5-point lift amongst Millennial women. The hashtag, #UndercoverColor received more than 30,000 mentions on Twitter, resulting in a 79% increase in social currency for Hanes from pre-campaign levels. In addition, post campaign data revealed a 13.6 point lift in millennial women stating that Hanes panties are up-to-date. The campaign itself was nominated for an Effie Award in 2014

Ok, we don’t all have access to a Times Square billboard, and I should point out there was some major ad space taken out in top fashion magazines as well, but the Dare to Share campaign is a great example of how to execute a marketing campaign using solely digital resources. The marketing channels used in this campaign were Twitter, a website, and blogs, and we all have access to those right? Maybe you need to engage your customers or simply want to get feedback, a Twitter poll utilizing a hashtag may do the trick, especially if you can think of a quirky way to get people’s attention! If Twitter is not where your customer base is, hashtags are now supported on many other social media sites including Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+. Additionally, any info you gather can be developed into a great info-graphic to use in your social media campaigns later. Check out this one used as a Facebook post for Dare to Share campaign, there’s some interesting stuff here!


Think outside of the box and consider creative ways to engage your customers using social media in your next marketing effort!